Our Platform

I. Education

  • Any parent/guardian that sends his/her child to school must know that he or she is getting the best possible education, with the same standards and expectations as in any other part of New York City.
  • With the greatest amount of youth crimes committed between the time young people get out of school and the time their parents/guardians get home from work, we must fund broader and more comprehensive after-school programs.
  • Brooklyn 's leadership must advocate for artistic expression in the schools through visionary music and cultural programs.

II. Community-Wide, Human Development

(Housing, Economics, & Employment)

  • Every American citizen must be provided the opportunity to purchase a home or to live in affordable housing. With change on Brooklyn's horizon, Brooklyn's leadership must pay as much attention to our older neighbors as we do to our newer ones.
  • Progressive development improves the quality of life for all of our constituents. We cannot ignore the voices of those whose work and dedication on behalf of our community built its foundation.
  • Their voices must be heard as we seek to build a better Brooklyn.
  • One of the best deterrents to incarceration is permanent employment; that is, more job training programs that provide necessary skills for entry level jobs.
  • For sure, creative and innovative job training, instead of harsh jail sentencing for our youth is a major step toward community-wide, human development.

III. Health, Healthcare, and Wellness

  • Brooklyn now bears the woeful infamy of being the epicenter of people living with HIV/AIDS in NYC, as well as for African Americans across the country. We must implement an aggressive HIV/AIDS-awareness campaign to combat this ongoing human tragedy.
  • We must focus more attention on prevention and detection of disease. Resources spent on funding mammography exams for women over 40 and prostate exams for men over 50, for example, will reduce fatalities, keep families intact, and save millions of dollars in medical costs.
  • Too many seniors and poor people must choose between eating dinner and buying their prescription drugs. The richest country on Earth must set a higher standard.
  • Our nation must invest in programs that provide adequate and affordable healthcare while providing appropriate cost controls for prescription drugs. Good legislation, such as anti-smoking laws and strict drunk-driving laws, saves lives.

IV. Gender Equality/Ending Violence Against Women

  • Roe v. Wade's guarantees of a woman''s right to choose cannot be weakened.
  • We must dedicate ourselves to supporting strong anti-violence/anti- domestic violence initiatives that prevent violence against women and that support victims of domestic violence.

Other Issues Important to Kevin Powell

  • An immediate end to the War in Iraq
  • Protection of our civil liberties
  • Environmental reform that preserve our natural resources, and fights waste, pollution, and the effects of global warming
  • A humane path to full citizenship for immigrants already in America
  • Support of civil rights for all Americans, regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, or religion